What the fluff?

This is my first and only blog.  I expect it to go through a series of transformations as I figure out how WordPress works.  Essentially, this is just another method of procrastination.  I get real productive when I’m procrastinating (as I am now) so this my way of getting the fluff out so I can be productive where I’m supposed to be.

Someone once told me that any time you have a strong reaction to someone you meet (or know), it is because you are reating to something you like or dislike about yourself.  Every time I’ve applied that assumption to myself, I’ve found it to be true.  For example, the procrastination thing.  My boss will frequently (read, always) have a huge project with a hard deadline and even though he knows about it for weeks, he won’t start assigning people tasks until the day, or maybe the day before, its due.  Then everybody has drop whatever they’re doing to pull his ass out of the fire.  Again.  It really pisses me off, and always has.  And then I realized it pissed me off because I procrastinate the same way and usually end up working right until the deadline to complete something.  The power is in knowing I do it, and I take great pains to make sure that until I can stop doing it, nobody else has to pay for my stupidity.  If  that means I miss a deadline and get my ass chewed out, or fail the assignment in class, that’s my fault.  My family shouldn’t be neglected or should my co-workers have to cover for me because I waited til the last minute.

Therefore, I am done here and will apply myself to the assignment that is due in a few hours instead of waiting until the last minute to post it.


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