Last fall, The Boy’s best friend moved to Virginia.   This was devastating to both him and The Friend as they are both a little weird and got along well.  It helped that the friend lived a block away.  I swear, that child *lived* at my house last summer; Im sure he was avoiding his older brothers.  Anyway, this weekend the friend came up for a weekend long visit.  I didn’t tell TB he was coming; I’ve found it’s better to have a happy surprise than to have to back out of someone gets sick and things don’t happen.  As a result, my children think I’m very spontaneous.  TB had school on Friday, and TF got to our house right before the bus came.  There was much surprise when getting off the bus.  One thing sticks out, and that’s the reaction of them meeting for the first time in six months.  They stood there, looking at each other a few minutes, each taking a half-step forward, and then going back.  It took me a second, and then I realized what was going on.  I told them it was perfectly OK to hug each other, so they did, teared up a bit and then commenced the chatter that was to be a constant for the weekend.

I want to know when my little boy learned to be embarrassed of hugs.  He’s nine, and its probably the year this sort of crap happens, but really.  I know he doesn’t like me to hug him in public, he tolerates it when he gets on the bus, but only because if he doesn’t I make a big deal about hugging and kissing him.  He’s learned its easier to accept the quick hug and merge with the group than to try and avoid it.  (As a mom, its my job to embarrass him in public like that.)  But between friends?  When did the macho manly stuff start? And how soon can I teach him that macho isn’t manly.


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