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too much?

My husband pointed out last night, that I may be a bit overcommitted. I’ve got a full time job, two online classes (Into to Lit and Library & Information professions), I’m leading Cub Scouts and still figuring out my son’s diabetes.
He’s not happy I’ve got so much on my plate. I told him he could take the scouts – HA!



School is starting soon, and I can’t wait. The kids have been getting on everybody’s nerves since we got back from vacation. I think they’ve had too much together time.
This year we venture into many new unknowns. The Girl starts first grade and will now be going to school for the whole day. She’s not too sure about that, she knows its going to seriously cut into her playtime at home. The good news is that she was placed in the multi-age class. This is a cool program, they have it for 1st & 2nd grade, and 2nd &3rd. The Boy was in it for 2nd & 3rd grades. It allows the kids to have the same teacher for two years in a row, and the teacher really gets to know the kid’s strengths and weaknesses. TB is a voracious reader and is reading about 2 grade levels ahead. A regular classroom would hold him back, but the multi-age gives the kids a little more freedom to advance at their own pace in their areas of strength. TG’s class has a lot of kids who just made the cutoff, so the group as a whole tends to be a little immature. She is heavily influenced by the behavior of others, so she also acts a lot younger. I’m hoping that with half the class older than her she’ll start acting her age instead of 3. She also is very shy (yes, she has self-confidence issues at 6, I have no idea why) but having the same teacher for 2 years will let her get comfortable with her and be able to really learn.
As for TB, we’ve got the whole diabetes thing to figure out. Double supplies so there’s a set at school and at home and a whole new set of worries. Currently, I’m stuggling over the email to his teacher. His Dr wants us to get an IEP (Individual Education Plan) so he has unrestricted access to water, the bathroom and testing as he feels he needs it. An IEP?! so he can go to the bathroom?! This goes against every fiber of my body. The school is wonderful, that’s why we moved here. I’m sure they’ll work with me, and there are 2 kids in the grade above him with diabetes, so I’m sure there’s a process in place to accommodate it. I don’t want him to be treated different, he just needs to be watched a little closer, that’s all. That’s what I’m trying to say to a teacher I’ve never met. “Excuse me, you’ll need to keep a close eye on my kid and maybe give him an extra snack once in a while” I hate this stuff, I feel like I’m either coming off as a toadying pussy, or a hardline asshole.
On top of that, I’m getting ready for my classes, into to library and an English class. And trying to put together the cub scout curriculum for the year. Oh, and the office is moving this week and I’m one of the few who knows how to correctly connect a computer to the network, and the only one who can move the phone system.
So, with all of this going on, what am I doing? Procrastinating and writing to you guys.

the ocean

We were on vacation this week, and I’m proud to say we managed to not kill TB, or TG for that matter.  Neither one of us are beach people, but the in-laws have a teeny tiny house there, and the kids enjoy going, so we go once a year.  The in-laws always want us to stay the full week, but we never do.   After about 4 days, we’re all beached out.  We were stuck an extra day because my father in law had purchased tickets to a minor league baseball game for the evening of the day we wanted to leave.  He kept going on about how he had told us he was buying them and what great seats they were, and he’d already purchased the tickets, and it’s only one more night, and he’d already paid for the tickets anyway…see the theme here?  He’s as bad as the kids when something doesn’t work out the way they want it to.  So we stayed.  Instead of going to the beach that day, we went to the aquarium.  Lest you think I was depriving the children of some wonderful fun in the sun & surf, it was at thier request.  They got up and both immediatly said they didn’t want to go to the beach.  YES!  They are my children!

sleep and the city

I’m really getting tired of the 3am blood check.  Technically, we don’t need to do the 3am check as long as his sugar level is above 100 at the 11pm check.  Well, it hasn’t been for the past few nights, so we do the 3am check.  Which has resulted in the 3am snack.  When his sugar levels get low enough, he needs a 15carb fast acting snack (4oz of juice usually) and then a blood retest after 15 minutes, and then another 15carb long acting snack (ritz bits if we have them).  At 3am the whole process takes about 45 minutes.  I always do the 11pm test because I go to bed later than DH, but we’ve been trading off the 3am check.  He sets the alarm on his watch for 3am, but depending on how he’s sleeping (like with that arm under a pillow), he doesn’t always hear it.  So I also set my cell phone’s alarm for 3am.  Needless to say, I am tired.

In other news, yesterday my sister-in-law and I took TG to the American Girl Store in the city for lunch.   We spent way too much money, but she was thrilled and won’t let the doll out of her sight.  She also got an entire day of my undivided attention, which she greatly needed.  I have promised her that she will have all of my attention this weekend for her party as well.  I am hoping for good weather; with all of the confusion, the RSVP’s have been sketchy and I’m not sure who all is coming anymore.  I did get a few no’s, but there could be 16 kids, and I’d really rather have them all outside.  I hope I have enough stuff.


Its amazing how complicated a simple trip to the movies is now.

I thought today that I would take The Boy to see the Harry Potter movie.  I was planning on doing that the week I was on vacation, but obviously that didn’t happen.  So DH is taking The Girl out for some one-on-one time; berry picking, lunch and then to buy new fish for the tank, and I’ll take TB to the movies.  I’m not the most terribly organized person so when I go out, I always make double checks so I haven’t forgotten anything.  Usually its keys, MAC card, purse, stuff like that.  Today I realized that I need to make sure he’s fed (and shot) before we go, I have his testing kit, his emergency sugar tabs, emergency shot and insulin in case he gets starving and needs to eat before we come home, and the insulin dosage charts.  whew.

At least the movie itself shouldn’t cause a problem, he never liked popcorn, and he can get a diet soda.  We’re seeing the Imax version and I’m really looking forward to it.