Its amazing how complicated a simple trip to the movies is now.

I thought today that I would take The Boy to see the Harry Potter movie.  I was planning on doing that the week I was on vacation, but obviously that didn’t happen.  So DH is taking The Girl out for some one-on-one time; berry picking, lunch and then to buy new fish for the tank, and I’ll take TB to the movies.  I’m not the most terribly organized person so when I go out, I always make double checks so I haven’t forgotten anything.  Usually its keys, MAC card, purse, stuff like that.  Today I realized that I need to make sure he’s fed (and shot) before we go, I have his testing kit, his emergency sugar tabs, emergency shot and insulin in case he gets starving and needs to eat before we come home, and the insulin dosage charts.  whew.

At least the movie itself shouldn’t cause a problem, he never liked popcorn, and he can get a diet soda.  We’re seeing the Imax version and I’m really looking forward to it.


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