sleep and the city

I’m really getting tired of the 3am blood check.  Technically, we don’t need to do the 3am check as long as his sugar level is above 100 at the 11pm check.  Well, it hasn’t been for the past few nights, so we do the 3am check.  Which has resulted in the 3am snack.  When his sugar levels get low enough, he needs a 15carb fast acting snack (4oz of juice usually) and then a blood retest after 15 minutes, and then another 15carb long acting snack (ritz bits if we have them).  At 3am the whole process takes about 45 minutes.  I always do the 11pm test because I go to bed later than DH, but we’ve been trading off the 3am check.  He sets the alarm on his watch for 3am, but depending on how he’s sleeping (like with that arm under a pillow), he doesn’t always hear it.  So I also set my cell phone’s alarm for 3am.  Needless to say, I am tired.

In other news, yesterday my sister-in-law and I took TG to the American Girl Store in the city for lunch.   We spent way too much money, but she was thrilled and won’t let the doll out of her sight.  She also got an entire day of my undivided attention, which she greatly needed.  I have promised her that she will have all of my attention this weekend for her party as well.  I am hoping for good weather; with all of the confusion, the RSVP’s have been sketchy and I’m not sure who all is coming anymore.  I did get a few no’s, but there could be 16 kids, and I’d really rather have them all outside.  I hope I have enough stuff.


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