the ocean

We were on vacation this week, and I’m proud to say we managed to not kill TB, or TG for that matter.  Neither one of us are beach people, but the in-laws have a teeny tiny house there, and the kids enjoy going, so we go once a year.  The in-laws always want us to stay the full week, but we never do.   After about 4 days, we’re all beached out.  We were stuck an extra day because my father in law had purchased tickets to a minor league baseball game for the evening of the day we wanted to leave.  He kept going on about how he had told us he was buying them and what great seats they were, and he’d already purchased the tickets, and it’s only one more night, and he’d already paid for the tickets anyway…see the theme here?  He’s as bad as the kids when something doesn’t work out the way they want it to.  So we stayed.  Instead of going to the beach that day, we went to the aquarium.  Lest you think I was depriving the children of some wonderful fun in the sun & surf, it was at thier request.  They got up and both immediatly said they didn’t want to go to the beach.  YES!  They are my children!


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  1. Funny how they tend to follow in the footsteps of their parents… 🙂


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