and WHAM!

This week has sucked the big one.  The Boy had an endo appointment to start things off.  His A1C * was good – too good in fact.  His target is 6.5, and he was 5.7, which is normal.  Unfortunately, he is not normal, so that is too low.  What this means is that his blood sugar is going low and 1) he doesn’t know it and 2) its not happening while we’re testing him.  So, he’s going on a continuous monitor next month.  This is a good thing; control freak that I am, this will tell me exactly what his sugars are every 10 minutes of every day for five day straight.  This will also coincide nicely with the whole getting-the-pump process, so hopefully we’ll be able to use those numbers to set up his basal rates quicker than normal.

The Boy, The Girl and I have been fighting a cough and cold for forever.  Monday, the same day we went to the endo and the day before The Boy’s birthday, The Girl gets off the bus in tears because her ears hurt.  Didn’t think to mention it to the teacher and has been in pain all afternoon.  So instead of shopping for birthday presents, I’m schlepping her to the doctor.  at 7:30.  Completely trashes any idea of getting presents and I have nothing.  No-thing.  She has a double ear infection, so off to CVS we go to get those meds.  And just in case, I pick up an iTunes gift card.

Tuesday The Girl stays home from school because she’s a mess and the antibiotics haven’t kicked in yet.  She has no fever, but is whiney and tired so home she stays.  I’m going to the state house on a field trip with The Boy (because I have to go to give him shots and stuff), so my mother comes to watch The Girl.  Fortunately we get back from the trip early, so I dash to Toys R Us and the book store and pick up a couple of cool things.  Including the D&D mini-fig game.  One more stop at the card store and I’m wrapping presents in the parking lot.  Shut Up, at least he had presents.  When he questions why I wasn’t home after school, I told him I had his presents at work (work is where I hide Christmas presents) and wne to get and wrap them.  Dinner ensues with my parents, a fit occurs because we’re not having Pizza Hut – Pizza Hut and chocolate cake at the same meal would be a diabetic no-no.  He calms down, cake is eaten, presents unwrapped and he’s happy.  Whew.

Wednesday The Girl stays home again, and The Boy ends up coming home early because his head & ears hurt.  No fever, but he’s in tears so we bring him home.  He has a well-visit at the pediatrician Thursday morning, so I tell the hubs to mention it, along with the cold from hell,  to the doctor.  I’m not taking him because I have to go to work at some point during the week.

Thursday morning my car has two hard starts – one at home, and one at the bus stop.  I call the hubs, and we make plans to change the battery that night.  Its 5 years old and due, no biggie.   They go to the dr, and pick up the battery on the way, The Boy his H1N1 and has no ear infections.  Four hours later, he’s in tears in the nurses office with a fever of 100.2 and bad ear pain.   I go to pick him up from school and lo and behold, the damn car won’t start.  At all.  Call the nurse back and she’s going to keep him there, and collect The Girl (its now near the end of the day) and my mother is coming to get them both.  I call the dr and The Boy is going back (again) to get his ears checked.  In the meantime, I will get someone to jump me when its time for me to come home.  Except I work with Cornell grads, and those assholes have no idea how to jump a car.  The spastic one has cables but just wants to start attaching things irregardless of polarity.  *I* hook them up, and we start the process.  No go, the terminals are either too corroded and I can’t get a good connection, or his battery is to small or old to jump my truck.  He jiggles cables and does some other stuff that I can’t see because I’m in the car with the hood up, but no dice.  I keep the cables and he leaves.  I clean the connections as best I can with paper towels and water and try again with a different car.  By this time its dark, it the coldest day of the winter so far and I’m fucking freezing.  My husband has the new battery, I call my mom to come get me and take me home.  The hubs can change the battery in the parking lot, leave the car there, and mom will take me to work in the morning, because she’s going to have to come up and watch The Boy who won’t be going to school on Friday, due to a presumed ear infection.  Which he ended up not having.  He stayed home anyway because the nurse knew he had a fever, and he can’t go back for at least 24 hours.  Unfortunately the battery change doesn’t fix the piece of shit car, its trying to turn over now, which is an improvement, but sounds like its not getting gas.  Oh, and my gauges don’t work and the ODB2 (car computer reader thingy) can’t talk to the computer.  So we make plans to have the PoS towed to the local dealer.  But now its Friday afternoon, and they’re shop isn’t open until Monday.    Friday gets more tears and a massive headache for The Boy, so now I’m taking him to the pediatrician on Saturday morning.

Remember, there’s only one car now.  There is no Christmas tree, no presents, its finals week and I have a paper due, and I’m trucking the kid up to the dr for the third time this week.  The dr agrees with me that he has a sinus infection, and calls in the script for antibiotics.  Oh, and did I mention the hubs’ car has a bizarre starting problem – sometimes it doesn’t, and then it will.  But its a miracle, I don’t have a problem with it.  We go home, get medicated, and the hubs takes The Girl out to get a tree and more lights.  Panic ensues at the Walmart (its really crowded) and he grabs a bunch of lights and leaves.  He got regular lights, which we have.  I wanted LED lights so I can leave the dam tree on Christmas eve and not have to worry about starting a fire.  Sigh.  Tree is put up, but every time we try and decorate it, children start fighting. It takes three days before its done.

Monday I’m supposed to be off from work to go Christmas shopping, but there’s no point with no car.  I score a ride to work and wait for the worst.  And…..TADA…..the fuse that feeds power to the computer was fried.  By the JACKASS who decided that since the car wouldn’t jumpstart, the cables needed to be switched.  $50 later, the car starts, but runs shittier than normal.  Apparently it needs to re-learn how the car works  to get the fuel mix and idle speeds correct.

We’ve had that piece of shit car for 9 years, and hated it for at least 8 1/2.  My Christmas present is a new car.  If we can find the time to go get one.  It will be either a Subaru or a Hyundai, depends on who give me the best deal, the best interest rate and the color I like.  And sometime in there I need to go Christmas shopping because again, I have nothing.  For either kid.

The miracle is that through all of the disruption to routine, sickness and whatnot, The Boy’s sugar levels haven’t been bad.  Thank God for small miracles.


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