Ok, so this week hasn’t been any better.  I did manage to get enough Christmas shopping done that the kids will have presents to open.  If there’s not a lot, I’m sure my parents will make up for that.  Planned activities went 1 for 2, and at this point I’m ok with a 50% success rate.  Both kids finish their antibiotics with no side effects.  The Girl can’t seem to hear for shit now, and this worries me some though.  I know she gets a tremendous amount of was in her ears, so I’m hoping that with all the congestion, they’re just clogged and will clean themselves out now that we’re relatively healthy.   Physically anyway.  This week my husband’s depression/anxiety decided to rear its ugly head again.  The whole car thing started to freak him out.  Personally, I find buying a car kind of exciting.  I could do without the asshole sales creeps however.  He’s stressing over spending the money, and can we afford it, and a million other things, some real, some bullshit.  I’m doing the whole thing via email, but like both options equally.  Then we have everyone coming to our house for Christmas.  His family and mine.  He does the cooking, so there’s something else he’s stressing about.  And then we get a letter saying the shrink he was seeing has left the practice.  Again.  Pretty soon we’re going to add paranoia to his list of  “issues”.

Then, The Bam.  Saturday night I’m rocking The Girl to sleep.  This isn’t something I usually do, but she’d had a rough night behavior-wise, and it had finally sunk in that mommy Was Not Happy, so she came to snuggle-rock.  We’re talking, and she points out that her head is really itchy.  Now both my husband and I have dry skin.  Every winter, its a race to see whose hands will crack and bleed first (I won already).  Both of the kids have dry skin too, and The Girl has a touch of eczema, so I figure its just another dry skin itchy spot, just on her head.  And she asks if she has lice.  Lice!?  She knows about Lice?!  Then I remember a few weeks ago we got yet another “a child in your child’s class has lice” papers from the school nurse.  We’ve gotten at least two of these per year since The Boy has been in kindergarten.  Big deal, we’ve never gotten it, so I tend to ignore them.  So, I turn on the light, and lo and behold, I see a little white thing in her hair.  And it won’t come off.  Now, back many moons ago, when I worked at the Girl Scout summer camp, there was an outbreak of lice.  Being 15 and a kitchen worker, it didn’t effect me much.  I remember getting checked, being found bug free, and having to use a special shampoo once.  I also remember the counselors and director discussing what a major pain in the ass it was, and all the cleaning and washing and other logistical nightmares that happened.  Please, not lice.

So, I get a flashlight hoping that what I’m seeing is  just dried shampoo, but alas, no.  There are way too many white things stuck to her hair for it to be shampoo.  So I send her to bed.  What else am I going to do?  It’s 9pm, if it is lice, she’s had them for at least a day and her bed is infested already.  The drug stores will be closed by the time I can get there, if they’re not already, so I send her to bed with plans to call the pediatrician in the morning.  Sunday we get up and she’s in my bed! She does this, comes into our bed in the wee hours of the morning and goes back to sleep.  I’ve tried everything I can to break her of this habit, but it still persists.  So I gave up. She doesn’t wake me up when she comes in and I’d rather sleep than fight over who sleeps where.   Eventually she’ll stay in her own bed, I mean whoever heard of a high school kid who sleeps in her mommy’s bed, right?  Except now she’s buggy.  and in my bed.  In the daylight, I check and oh, yes no doubt about it, she has lice.  Which means that I and my husband probably have lice.  Oh, did I mention this is the first snowfall of the season?  A good 6 inches and the road crews around here suck.  So I schlep out to the drug store to buy some delousing shampoo, and while I’m out and its early and snowy, I’m stopping at the book store to finish *snort* my Christmas shopping, and I’ll stop at the Club Store to pick up some foodstuffs we’ve run out of and need for cookie baking.  Things like milk and eggs.  Bookstore is done, and I’m off to….wait a minute, the new Walmart ought to have lice stuff  and a bunch of other things I need to.  Like coconut shampoo (supposed to repel lice). Score!  I got lucky, its a Super Walmart, and I can get food here!  Yay!  Something finally is going my way.  Get the de-louser Rid, and some stuff called Lice Freeee that I read is supposed to be good and can be used more often than the other.  More importantly, it has a metal comb and the RID only has a plastic comb.  I’m done and out in record time, and I only had to field one carb counting call (to calc a PB sandwich, weigh the bread, then add the PB,  multiply the grams of PB by 0.22, add the carbs for the bread and voila, pb sandwich carbs).  I get home, the (anxious as hell) hubs takes the kids sledding while I strip the beds and start the massive laundry movement of ’09.  As I’m reading the directions for the RID, I realize that I am way short of the amount we’ll need to treat all four of us.  Back out to the local drugstore to remedy this.  Nearly $80 later, and I’ve got enough shampoo to treat and retreat.  The de-nitting gel can suck it.  Everyone gets home and I start the inspection.  Holy Cow, the boy is clean.  I’m shocked, and treat him with the Lice Freee.  I start the shampooing process with The Girl, and while she’s baking, I check the hubs.  Holy SHIT he’s clean.  How in the hell is this possible.  Whatever.  We decide that we’ll do the shampoo after the kids are in bed.  I start working on The Girl’s hair to clean the dead bugs and remove the nits.  Four hours later, her head is clean.

I’m tired.  I’ll finish the story tomorrow.  I promise


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  1. Posted by goatbarnwitch on December 22, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    A’s best friend developed lice last Friday and I freaked but A. freaked more and assured me she hadn’t used her friend’s comb or hat. Tea tree oil is a good preventative but it smells very strong which may be why it works ~lol. Good luck getting rid of the little buggers.


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