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Good morning?

It’s 2am, do you know what your diabetic’s BG is? The problem is I don’t.

TB is at a friends house for a sleepover – TG is too, so the hubs and I had a quiet night. There are few, actually three, people I trust my son’s life with enough to let him spend the night with them, and one of them is my mother. The other two are families from school who live close by and “get it” as far as a non-diabetic family can. So when the one mom asked on the spur of the moment if my kids could spend the night with her kids, I said yes. TB is wearing the cgm because we’ve been trying to get some major highs under control, and since he’s been running so high, I figures it wouldn’t be a problem. Right. It is totally a problem, obviously, or I wouldn’t be writing a blog post at 2am.
He tested at 10 and was 250, so I had him take the suggested correction which was less than a unit. One unit brings him down about 100 points so he should have been fine. Two hours later, she checks his cgm and it’s showing 84; he’s really 64. A roll of smarties, a PB sandwich and an hour later he’s 119, and his cgm shows him steady at 115 for the past half hour. Now what do we do? If he were home, I’d be checking him every two hours. Neither one of us wants to have him come home because, dammit it’s not fair. She’s fine with frequent checkings (she doesn’t work), but I feel guilty, and obviously I’m not sleeping. We ultimately decide to give him a gogurt, and test at 3. If he’s not above 150, she’ll call me again.

This sucks. I can’t sleep and I do have work tomorrow and he’s going to be a hot mess of cranky because of the low and being woken up.
I want to know why they haven’t fixed this fucking disease yet.