And now for something completely different

Not. Today was site change day. For those not living in the diabetic world, that means TB gets a new infusion site for his pump. Instead of getting shots several times a day, he gets one slightly bigger shot that leaves a tiny catheter type thing for the insulin. Today his sensor also decided to quit. In all honesty, I lost track of how old the sensor was. Officially the sensor is used for three days, but really you just restart it after the first three days are up. When it timed out the other day, I just restarted it. So when it errored out
I had him take it off. He doesn’t like it, so I expected no argument. Since he has his first track meet Tuesday, I figured we’d put it back in tomorrow night.
The hubs put his site on tonight (he needs the practice) and I sat there and distracted TB. He’s just as nervous as the hubs is when I’m not doing it. The surprising thing is that he asked if we could put the sensor in too. Knowing how much he hates the thing, I asked him why. I expected some bullshit answer because it was bedtime and inserting the sensor requires numbing cream which takes thirty minutes to work. The Pittsburg game started around bedtime, so I figured he was trying to wrangle some game time. But no, the kid surprises me by tearing up and saying he doesn’t like being high or low. Now it’s not like he actually looks at the thing, but apparently the alarm gives him a sense of security.
It’s nice to know he’s starting to care about these things


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  1. Getting my favorites list up and running on the new machine. Thanks for leaving your blog address! So many regulars don’t. And that’s fine except in situations like this one when I need to start all over. ~LA


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