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Round Two…

The poor kid.

As if losing the genetic lottery, and a functioning pancreas, isn’t enough, the poor boy got my teeth as well.  His first set of braces were in 3rd grade, before he was diabetic.  He was looking a little bucky-beaver like, so they put a mini set of braces on him to pull the front teeth back in.  It worked wonderfully, and he only had them on for about a year.  Two years later it was time for phase two, before he hits his growth spurt.  *snort*  That kid is doomed to be short, endo pegged him to top at at 5’9″, but I digress.  The orthodontist put on (in?) a Mara Device with a pallet expander.  The whole thing is stainless steel.  He broke it twice.  By grinding his teeth.  The first one lasted almost 6 months, the second, a around 3 months.  The orthodontist gave me a lecture with the first one about not eating carrots, hard food, sticky candy (as if), and didn’t quite believe me when I said he hadn’t.  When the second one broke, she did.  And then she decided that perhaps that wasn’t the best appliance for him, and since he was nearly done, she switched him to a Twin Block appliance, which looks like a retainer on steroids, and you get one for top and bottom.  He wore it until school started when I gave up trying to enforce it, and he kept “forgetting” it.  But it worked!  His bite is lined up nicely, and now he has a full set of braces.

The problem is, his mouth hurts.

No shit, you say, that’s what braces do.  It will go away in a few days, so just feed him soft foods until it does.

Sure.  Soft food.  Like what, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, pasta, pudding, ice cream, smoothies?  All high-carb food.  A diabetic nightmare.  But hey, we’re managing.  Smoothies with no sugar, some protein powder and Greek yogurt (36 carbs for 2 cups), instant mashed potatoes (1/2 c, 20 carbs), the low sugar oatmeal he normally eats works well, but he’s still working on the PB sandwich for lunch.  This weekend, once the worst of it is over, I’m going to make apple dumplings (50 carbs) as a treat.  We’ll balance that out with meat and veggies, no bread or potatoes, and the meal carbs won’t be too bad.  And I think he deserves it.



One of my T1 mommies posted this on facebook and I like it.  I have no idea where it came from, or who wrote it, but I thought it was worth posting.


Hello there!

I don’t care about the color of your skin ,or how much money you have in the bank.

It doesn’t matter to me about political views, or where in socially you may rank.

Your child may be very popular, or maybe they haven’t started school.

I’m simply here to shut down their pancreas, now taking care of me is the #1 rule.

My name is Type 1 Diabetes and once you’ve got me, I don’t let go.

You will constantly be checking on me to see if I’m high or low.

Yes, I am the center of attention because there is no cure for me.

It’s all about monitors, needles and pumps and taking care of all my needs.


Hello, Type 1 I guess we haven’t met.

But if you think you’re taking over,well, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

We are the anchors, the fighters, the heroes called Mom and Dad.

And believe me when I tell you we’re the worst enemy you’ve ever had.

Our children are our lives, and we believe in support and prayer.

Though we don’t have a way of beating you, they are constantly in our care.

We’ll make sure the lives they lead Are as normal as can be.

They will run, jump, dance, play sports, eat what they want, and we’ll adjust accordingly.

You may have been a set-back, but you don’t have complete control.

Managing you and wiping you out has become our only goal.

We will fight you ’til the end and we’ll make a lot of noise…

We are a force to be reckoned with, we are the parents of type 1 girls and boys!!

Trials and tribulations

The other day Kerri had a guest post from Abby about diabetes trials.  I’ve looked at them for TB and I don’t know if I’d enroll him in one that involved actually taking meds.  I haven’t had to make that decision because there haven’t been any that he qualifies for in the area.  Like Abby says, its a catch 22, and a moral dilemma that I still haven’t got my head wrapped around yet.  I’m asking for someone else to put their health on the line, but won’t risk my son’s.  Its kind of that “not in my backyard” thing.  I’d love to get in a trial with Animas for that new pump, or with whoever is working on a closed loop system, but taking meds?  I don’t think so.  I rationalize it by saying he’s still so young, he’s at high risk for celiac, and that is one thing I do not want to run the risk of triggering.  Trials regarding info gathering, and blood draws, no problem.   Those we’ve done.  I filled out a god-knows-how-long questionnaire at his endo’s office so somebody can mine the data and look for commonalities, and every year my non-d daughter gets her blood taken so they can find out why he has a broken pancreas, and she doesn’t.  Yet.  I get the comfort of knowing she hasn’t (yet) developed the antibodies that indicate her immune system is on the warpath, and they get whatever they get to figure out why his did and hers didn’t.  She gets a boatload of praise, a prize and the satisfaction of knowing she’s making a difference.  Really, even at 8 she gets that she’s making a difference.  The prize she picked this year was a Trial-net t-shirt saying she’s making a difference.  She wears it all the time, and talks about what that means.  I hate that she has to care and feel like she’s helping.