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Same song different verse…

A little bit louder a little bit worse.

Here we are again, me writing a blog post while I wait for TBs blood sugar to rise. I finally got things adjusted the week before school, so now we’re figuring out the new adjustments for during school. I’ve noticed his insulin needs go down during school, I have no idea if it’s typical, but it does make sense, kind of. Add in an active sport (cross country) for the first time in his life, and I’m winging it. A lot.
So far we’ve been lucky. This school nurse is nowhere near as good diabetically as the last one, but we’re making adjustments.
So why am I waiting for bg’s to go up? Glad you asked, pull up a chair and I’ll fill you in, there will be a test at the end, but don’t worry about getting the answers right, I never do.
Normal day – bg before cross country was 93, so he had about 25 carb of cheese crackers. Bg after practice was 100 something, so we’re all good. Dinner bg was 157, and he had 84 carbs of breakfast-dinner. Pancakes, eggs, toast, bacon – nobody felt like cooking complicated. Bg at bedtime 120, so all is good and he went to bed. An hour later, 9pm, I check and he’s 78. Crap. So I get a gogurt (14carbs) and finally get him awake enough to eat it. Thirty minutes later and the CGM throws a low alarm. I just fed him, so I figure it catching up to the 78, clear and ignore it. 20 minutes later, it alarms again and the graph is ping down, not up. Nownim figuring the damn thing has gone off, and needs to be calibrated, so I test him. 68. 68? WTF! Test question – How in the hell can he keep heading down after eating unbolused carbs?
Damned if I know, so I’m giving him a juice box and testing again.
Did we over estimate the carbs for dinner? We never seem to get pancakes right. Is it a weeks woefully exercise catching up? Should I start the lower temp basal an hour earlier? Or maybe they should just fix this fucking disease already.